Youth exchange

The youth exchange “Countryside Magic – Rural Exchange on Creativity and Entrepreneurship” took place in Gremi, Georgia, from the 16th to 24th of September 2017.
The youth exchange has been hosted by Temi Community, based there since 1989, and offers a membership to socially vulnerable people and gives them safe and decent environment for realising themselves, involving them into activities such as wine producing (social enterprise), agricultural activities (greenhouse, gardening), artistic and cultural activities, responsible tourism.

Objectives of the youth exchange are:
– To raise the awareness about the potential of rural areas, in this specific case in Kakheti region, by creative approach towards them;
– To build on the good experience of cooperating with the local community and especially the local youngsters with international community and international volunteers;
– To develop the attitudes of young people to seek or create cultural, social or civic initiatives in their communities in rural areas;
– To develop the skills of youngsters to communicate with the members of the rural communities and to involve them in local events;
– To stimulate positive attitude towards the specifics of the culture and traditions of the rural areas (such as used arts, crafts, products of agriculture etc.) and their development;
– To equip participants with the tools needed to transfer the experience from Georgia back home to their communities;
– To organize a cultural, entrepreneurial and educational event, that will introduce various workshops and discussions based on the non-formal approach conducted by the involved organizations, young volunteers, artists, representatives of local/regional authorities, Georgian business, international guests and by the local youngsters.

Partner organizations:
Esplora – Italy
Droni – Georgia
Shokking Group International – Armenia, Norway and Estonia
ICYE – Denmark