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Paths to inclusion is a strategic, innovative partnership project Erasmus+, that aims to promote and support initiatives aimed at the participation of young people with special needs, and to encourage the participation of youth workers, educators, teachers and social workers.

To do this was created a web platform:

Inclusion is our keyword.  We realized a platform that wants to work with and for initiatives aimed at groups of young people with mixed skills.

All the organizations involved in the project have been working  for a long time for the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in mobility projects and local realities. Not many youth workers are prepared to manage educational activities for people with special needs, this is one of the needs that Path2 Inclusion wants to meet in order to facilitate inclusion. This platform also aims to be a resource for youth workers, educators, teachers and social workers who belong to groups with special needs and who have difficulty finding accessible teaching materials.




A tool kit that contains practical tools to develop the social and emotional skills of youth workers who wish to work with young people with special needs. Inside you will find practical activities and non-formal methodology to work with groups of young people with mixed skills.

The objective of the tool-kit is to improve the increase  level of inclusion in local, national and international youth projects, to address emotional distress of participants and operators and to improve social performance.



This online course is composed by  various webinars that address from different angles the theme of non-formal youth education.

It’s a resource for all youth workers, educators, teachers and social workers who are working with children with special needs and need some ideas and instruction in order to make youth participation more inclusive.



It is the result of a research developed in the 5 countries participating in the project, a mapping of experiential and educational activities available on the national territory.

The objective of this tool is to catalog the existing possibilities for youth people with special needs, such as outdoor activities, museums, sports, equipped natural areas, workshops and the like in order to facilitate youth workers, educators, teachers and/or social workers in the implementation of inclusive initiatives for local youth.