Esplora was born in February 2013 for the interest of a group of friends who, having gained experience, knowledge and skills in the world of youth education and intercultural field, decided to become promoters of the philosophy of responsible travel intercultural dialogue for young people.

Esplora is responsible for promoting responsible tourism and organizing trips to discover other cultures, preparing to not only recreational and leisure experience, but also educational and training, organizing training courses and offering advice in the design and management of the no-profit.

All initiatives are developed by Esplora’s members who wish to share and disseminate their experiences of intercultural encounters.

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  Youth Exchange 2023 in Hagen, Germany With #Partnership4 of Generation Europe the Academy   Explore has been  a member of GenerationEurope for almost 10 years and this year we are in partnership with Germany and Finland. With our international partners we are working on activism preparing international youth to take part in local public…

Melania and Erisilda – The Art Of Facilitation

Hi! We are Melania and Erisilda and we were lucky enough to participate in the Art of Facilitation / Facilitation of Art training held in Georgia, precisely in Misakstieli, near Tblisi. Why “Art of Facilitation? And why Facilitation of Art? It sounds like a play on words, but it’s not. Facilitating, improving and optimizing group…

Simone – Ewoca 2017

Se mi avessero proposto di trascorrere Ferragosto a tagliare salici e a levigare tronchi di legno in Bielorussia, probabilmente mi sarei lasciato andare in una grossa risata prima e in qualche improperio poi … o forse no. Già, a pensarci bene non l’avrei mai fatto per via della mia curiosità e del mio spirito d’avventura…


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