Young Explorers is the area that aims to involve youngsters between 13 and 30 years old in both national and international activities.

Esplora give the youngsters the possibility to participate in international youth exchange, offer training for students in local, national and international labs and workshops.

Youth exchange

Let’s Act

What can we expect from the youth exchange in Hagen in summer 2023? In the cover photo the brilliant Italian group of the project: Generation Europe the Academy 2023. GeneAcademy Partnership4’s second event scheduled for three years was attended by the young people. After a first meeting and youth exchange, which took place in Decorata…


Generation Europe – The Academy

Generation Europe – The Academy is an international network of youth organizations comprising 42 organizations from 14 European countries, divided into 14 partnerships. Their aim is to develop local projects that address various types of local problems. One of the objectives is to include and bring young people from a wide range of social contexts…


Pandemic – Las Palmas 2021

Pandemic is a  Youth Exchange that will take place from the 1st to the 10th of July 2021 in Las Palmas , Spain in which 32 youngsters from Italy, Spain, Iceland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Estonia, Poland & Netherlands will have the possibility to be involved  in a mix of sharing experiences, organizing non-formal activities like group…


Let’s Talk About Sex – Netherlands

The youth exchange “Let’s Talk About Sex” will take place from 12th to 20th of August in Netherlands, in which will see our participants, together with other from different European countries, take place in this project with the goal to highlight different topics regarding sexuality and raise awareness about ethic, sexual norms, gender equality and…


Share Your Story – Georgia

From 10 to 17 August 2018 our explorers took part in the “Share your story” youth exchange designed by young people to share their opinions, ideas, perspectives, attitudes, to learn how to work together and get rich through the differences. The project aimed to celebrate the diversity of the world, increasing awareness of ethnic minorities…


La Belle Musique – Spain

The “La Belle Musique” youth music festival was an initiative developed and implemented in Toledo-Spain by the young people of Matadero Lab. For years this festival has been celebrated with a winter and a summer edition, with a selection of local musical groups to perform. For the participants this festival represented, not only the opportunity…


Unlocking Memories

Unlocking Memories is a long-term project with a trilateral partnership involving Italy, Germany and Greece, it has been divided into two mobilities, one first in Greece and a second in Germany. The aim of the project is to give a deeper and broader understanding to the different perspectives of the Second World War in the…


The Sixth Kingdom – Netherlands

              The second edition of The Sixth Kingdom took place in the suggestive seventeenth-century castle of Heemskerk from 25 October to 3 November 2018, a youth exchange that saw the participants identify themselves with sovereigns and courtiers of imaginary peoples. The Erasmus + project saw 42 young people from…


I’m Not Racist But – Italy

“I am not a racist but …” was a project funded by Erasmus + for the promotion of intercultural education among young people, born from the need to contain the growing hatred towards migrants who arrive in Europe and reflecting on the hidden meaning of the now famous phrase “I’m not a racist, but …”…


Countryside Magic – Georgia

The youth exchange “Countryside Magic – Rural Exchange on Creativity and Entrepreneurship” took place in Gremi, Georgia, from the 16th to 24th of September 2017. The youth exchange has been hosted by Temi Community, based there since 1989, and offers a membership to socially vulnerable people and gives them safe and decent environment for realising…


Into the wild – Georgia

“In the Wild” is an outdoor youth exchange that took place in the Samtkhe-Javakheti region of Georgia in the period from 1 to 9 July 2017. The project brought together 30 young people from 6 countries in order to promote a style of healthy life and develop the positive attitude of living responsibly in nature.…


Ewoca³ 2015-2017

Ewoca³ program was created by the German organization IBB, funded by the German Ministry of Youth and the foundation Stiftung Mercator and started in 2009. Each cycle of the program lasts 3 years and involve more than 30 European and extra-European organizations. Each partnership is composed by three organization from different countries. During the three…


Alternanza Scuola - Lavoro

Alternanza Scuola Lavoro is a compulsory training that Italian high school students have to attend.
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