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The “La Belle Musique” youth music festival was an initiative developed and implemented in Toledo-Spain by the young people of Matadero Lab. For years this festival has been celebrated with a winter and a summer edition, with a selection of local musical groups to perform. For the participants this festival represented, not only the opportunity to jump on stage, but also an exchange with the other music bands, learning and new collaborations.

The Erasmus + “La Belle Musique” project proposed 10 days of musical and intercultural exchange with young people who sent a message of mutual understanding, respect, hope, peace and unity. Young people with a national, European and international identity, without prejudice, looking for intercultural learning and enrichment.

All the participants were involved, in collaboration with the volunteers of the Matadero Lab, in the concert that took place in the Town Hall Square in Toledo, the true heart of the city. They have been an example for the public and the whole city, organizations and the local community, bringing the idea of ​​a more open and collaborative Europe.

The project involved 27 participants / musicians from Spain, Italy, Serbia, Turkey and Georgia, aged between 16 and 24 years old.