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Generation Europe – Young Democracy in Action! It involves 30 organization from 15 European countries, it’s managed centrally by the German association IBB. The educational path, undertaken at European level, aims to include young people with different background in the current political discourse, strengthening their active role in society.

Between 2018 and 2020, the young participants will meet and work on specific issues in order to then make statements and discuss them.

The project aims to create a European network that critically reflects on issues of inclusion, education and active participation, involving young people with fewer opportunities and supporting dialogue with political decision makers 

He wants to be a catalyst of youthful opinions, of those young people who have often remained unheard in political discussions and, at the same time, give political decision-makers the opportunity to get closer to the world of youth and, from this point of view, to look at European-wide themes.

The aim of the project will be to understand concepts such as: democracy, human rights, national and European institutions, geopolitics and the history of the European Union. Stimulate young people to awareness and critical spirit through the meaning of active participation and civic and social awareness of inclusion.

By developing active research regarding  to territorial critical issues and through the production of a document of proposals for resolution, they will be able to stimulate a dialogue between young people and political decision-makers.

Here you can watch the live broadcast of the meeting held at the municipality of Itri, where the participants have presented their results of the analysis on local communiy problems: GenerationEuropelivevent

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