Hi! We are Melania and Erisilda and we were lucky enough to participate in the Art of Facilitation / Facilitation of Art training held in Georgia, precisely in Misakstieli, near Tblisi. Why “Art of Facilitation? And why Facilitation of Art? It sounds like a play on words, but it’s not. Facilitating, improving and optimizing group work is undoubtedly an art and art itself, especially theater, is one of the most effective methods to facilitate and to identify with “the other”. The theme of human rights, discomfort and oppression staged through the techniques of the theater of the oppressed, such as forum theater, image theater was a moment of great reflection and at the same time fun. In addition, we created, imagined, and performed inclusive games and strategies. This training was not only an opportunity for training, but also for reflection, personal enrichment, fun and stimulation of creativity made possible by the organizers of the training and our companions of “adventure” with whom we spent unforgettable moments. And finally, the charming Georgia, with its landscapes, its culture and especially with its colorful mosaics and pleasant Turkish baths of Abano ended up making this experience phenomenal.