International training

From 26th to 3rd November 2019 in Antalya (Turkey) Esplora take part in the training course for facilitators in the field of accessibility “Incude First”.

The participant shared the data and the commitment of the nationalities present in the field of disability, from the legal provisions  to the support measures. At the end of the activities they had the opportunity to create and test methods for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, particularly those with disabilities, in the activities of projects and events that promote non-formal education.

Objectives of the training:

–  To support youth workers, leaders and multipliers to get to know about inclusion and equality concepts.

–  To develop a better understanding of disability within youth work (key concepts in the field of disability, human rights, respect and responsibilities) and create an accessible & inclusive youth work.

–  To support youth workers and leaders with and without disabilities to explore their potential as a facilitator and develop inclusive facilitation skills.

–  To focus on abilities rather than disabilities to improve the interaction between young people (with and without disabilities)