European Solidarity Corps

VOLUNTEERING FOR the DARK- LESS  will start the 20th  of September ,and will see Esplora hosting 3 volunteers and giving them a one year volunteering opportunity to work in a non-profit organization, specialized in Accessible Tourism and local solidarity activities dedicated to people with sensorial disabilities. The volunteer will help the organization in its daily work and he will be part of the team.

The aim is to improve the work of the organization, but mostly to give to the volunteer the right means to find a way to empower his/her entrepreneurship skills. Moreover we would like to give to the local community a breath of internationality and to work on the local awareness about social inclusion.


Volunteers will receive specific training on:

– accompanying people with special needs

– project management – project and event design

– making a touristic offer

– non-profit organization management

– social media management

– Erasmus+ program – Italian language



Stimulate the ability of volunteers to develop social inclusion programs and initiatives:

Spread the knowledge of working methods and interaction with people with special needs;

Learn how to organize accessible and/or sustainable tours;

Increase competences in event organization;

Creation of awareness campaigns (for inclusion, environmental, intercultural);

Improve competences in social media marketing and management;

Develop the concept of Accessible Tourism among participating Countries;

Understand the rule and use of E+ program and opportunities.