International training

A project dedicated to youth workers and trainers who are directly working with young people from disadvantaged groups and/or are from these groups themselves.

The aim is to improve quality of inclusive youth work by rising trainers’ competences to use and know the opportunities and limitations of the new upcoming European program Erasmus+ and to empower them in setting up international cooperation as an added asset in their work.

The training course took place in Belgium from May 23rd to 31st, 2016 involving The Knot Belgium, Esplora Italy, Surf the Earth Project Romania, Baltic Youth Way Latvia, Turkey Youth Union Association,

European Crossroads Spain, IASIS ngo Greece, Raplection Croatia.


The specific objectives:

  • Exchanging and sharing experiences, concepts and methods in working with

disadvantaged young people.

  • Exploring ways to incorporate diversity management into the work and trainings the participants do.
  • Developing cross‐cultural awareness by providing structured space for sharing, experiencing and addressing intercultural learning.
  • Increasing knowledge on project management in setting up quality international youth projects.
  • Developing teamwork, leadership and cooperation skills among the participants
  • Setting basis for positive future cooperation within the Erasmus+ Program.
  • Creating a platform where possible future partnerships for setting up international projects can find each other.